Why Is Search Engine Optimisation Important?


Imagine having a superb looking car stood on your drive, without an engine.
Great to look at, but it will get you nowhere....

90 - 95% of online transactions start with a search engine such as google and most people never look further than the first page of results. On the web, if you're not on google - you don't exist.

If your website is not ranking on the front page for the relevant search terms that customers would use to find you, you cannot expect to compete online.

All of our sites are search engine friendly and we will work with you to achieve the best page ranking possible. Not with gimmicks and link building, just good coding and content....

As there are only 10 positions on the first page of Google, it is impossible to guarantee placement. Without an unlimited budget, no-one can guarantee you a top ranking on any search engine.

Some unscrupulous companies overcharge clients and make wild claims about results.

If your site is not performing as well as it should, our fixed price for assessment and SEO report of your website, including robot simulation report, basic site optimisation, submission to search engines and selected on line directories is only £180.


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