Google and mobile-friendly Websites

Since April 2015 an update to Google's algorithm (search engine ranking system) means that whether your website is mobile responsive or not, has a direct impact on your mobile search ranking.

People who tell you that Google are penalising everyone who doesn't have a mobile friendly website are just trying to trick you into getting work.

Google are not penalising anyone, this is just scare tactics. They have a new section on the searches just for mobile friendly sites.

Click Here to test how mobile-friendly your site is.


There are a number of websites you can use to test whether your site is already mobile-friendly. Google's very own Mobile-Friendly Test is an obvious place to start. It outlines the points you need to address, such as the text being too small or the links too close together for touchscreen use.

In addition, Google's PageSpeed Insights tool helps you see how quickly your pages load on a mobile.

There are other websites that allow your computer to test for mobile-friendliness, such as, and, just type in your web address (URL) and they will display your website how it looks on a smartphone.

 Mobile Websites - In a nutshell...

A mobile website should load quickly and be ‘clear, not clever’, easy to navigate, with clear ‘call to actions’, and a reduced level of content.

If you don't have the resources to invest in a new, fully responsive website at the moment, another option is to have a dedicated mobile version which detects the device your customer is using and sends them to the mobile version.

We have 4 standard mobile responsive website packages:

All mobile devices are detected and go to the mobile site automatically

Single Landing Page With main information & contact details etc: £120
Basic Mobile Website ( 3 pages) To provide more information - £250
Standard Mobile Website (4- 6 pages) £400
Advanced Mobile Website (7 - 10 pages) - £600

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