Why Is A Domain Name Important?

Your domain name is the most important decision you have to make when going online as it is the first thing a search engine crawler sees.

It is also invaluable in building customers trust, as they can tell how long you have been in business and who is the owner of the business etc. by using a domain name search.

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Ideally your domain name should be rich in key words relating to your business to help the search engines rank you favourably. If, for example, you are a florist based in Scarborough, it would be preferable for you to have one of the following domain names: Scarboroughflorist.co.uk, or scarboroughflowers.co.uk.

You will, however, find that most names such as the above have already been taken, you could then register something like:fionasfloristscarborough.co.uk.

I always recommend that you should try and think like a customer who is searching for your products or services. Ask yourself "What would I type into Google?"

But think wisely about your domain name as it could easily be misread.
A spokesman for Choose Spain, a company offering holiday villas on its website, called choosespain.com, said flatly: “It was too late to change it once we realised.”

So, when choosing a name for your business, always think how it would read as a web address. If you can't see anything wrong with it, just type it into Go Ogle.


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