Prices for Business Websites in Scarborough

Price For The Design Of A New Website

When you need a price for a large website there are a lot more factors to take into account. If it's a new website, the price will be more than a re-design of an existing website as all the content and design has to be planned out using a wire frame of all the pages you need, all the images, all the text, the use of logos, videos, multimedia, content management system, functionalities required and of course the colour scheme etc.

Price For The Re-Design Of A Website

When need a price for a re-design of an existing website, there will be fewer things to worry about, you may want a few functionalities that are not on your current website but the colour scheme and logo etc are already there as a starting point. This will bring the price down a lot.

Prices For Business Websites In Scarborough

It's a common saying, but it is absolutely true - "All websites are different."

That is, of course unless you go online and buy a ready made template to add your own content. (Good luck in getting it finished and also getting it found by the search engines.) .

What Is your Budget ?

Unless you have unlimited resources, then we need to know your budget. We can then advise you what is possible staying within your price range.

There is no limit to the amount of features you can have on your website but like anything else, they come at a cost.

A simple anology would be buying a car, you have a certain amount of money available. You cannot buy a Mercedes for the same price as a mini.

What Functionalities do you want on the website?

A content management system, e-commerce, social media integrating, a full Search engine Optimisation Package? Whatever you want this is the time to say. Once the design is made, any changes will take more time and be charged accordingly.

If you have a complete list of the requirements already and complete the quote form, you will recieve a baseball figure quote, if that is acceptable we will arrange a meeting to finalise requirements and a fixed price quote will be given.


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