Thinking of building your own Website? Beware of the DIY Mousetrap!


Farmer Jack walked into his barn where he was storing grain from the harvest - and realised that mice had bitten into his sacks. Hundreds of mice, it seemed. They'd been feeding on the grain, and now his stock was depleting – fast.

He had to do something about it. So for 3 days and nights, he worked round the clock. Hammering, sawing, welding…building a giant DIY Mousetrap.

And wow, you should have seen it!

A lump of cheese, a tripwire, a set of weights and pulleys, releasing a cage that he'd suspended from the roof. Plus, when the cage fell, it sent a steel ball along a chute, punching a button that set off an alarm.

He set the trap, and went to bed happy. In the next week, Jack caught a total of 3 mice. Admittedly, he had no grain left because all the other mice had dodged the trap. But still, 3 mice…that was something.

The next day, he filed for bankruptcy.

And just as he was signing the final document, writing off his business, he had a call from Giles - a neighbouring farmer. Giles, it turned out, had also been overrun with mice.
"What did you do about it?" asked Jack. Giles told him: "I bought a cat".

As Jack reached for his shotgun, he realised the moral of the story: You don't have to be an expert, you just have to hire one!

I know, as metaphors go, that one is subtle as a brick. But it makes an important point.

You see, lots of business owners make this mistake with their website. Instead of going straight to someone who can solve their problems, they toy with impractical solutions and celebrate tiny victories. And all the while, their business is disappearing. Day by day, before their eyes.

Please don't make this mistake.

You don't need to cobble together a makeshift website that does you more harm than good.

You need an expert website designer who can do the work for you.

You need Scarborough Website Design.

Like Farmer Giles' cat, our job is to swoop in and take the problem away! And we'll do that with one of our low cost one page or three page all-inclusive website starter packages
While you are doing that, your competitors – just like Farmer Jack - will be messing about with DIY websites. Handing you the advantage.

If you'd rather be a Giles than a Jack, contact me today on 01723 354882

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